Mission statement & goals.

The guiding goal for our work is satisfied customers: our door is always open when it comes to their requests and needs. We are happy to be measured by the quality of our services, which we implement and control responsibly. We want our employees to be proud to be part of EnssnerZeitgeist. And we want to continue to grow healthily and profitably in the future with everything that defines us.

:: Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001 und ISO 17100.

:: Weltweit an 30 Standorten.

:: Optimales Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis.

Satisfied customers

The quality of our service is determined by the customer and is the shared responsibility of everyone. This means that our solution is modelled in line with what is requested and the added value is clearly communicated. The quality of the service we provide is measured by the recipient’s recognition: Satisfied customers give us direction and pave the way to business success.

Practised values

Our team is founded on a dynamic combination of openness, a spirit of partnership and mutual trust. We actively practise and shape our four key values: enthusiasm, appreciation, reputable entrepreneurship and discipline. This applies to our customers and business partners as well as to our employees and the entire company.

High quality service

The objective of ensuring satisfied customers places high demands on the quality of our services. In addition to the customer’s requests, this is determined by sustainable thinking and action as well as compliance with legal regulations. In doing so, we always act in the spirit of the times with the sensible use of our resources, technologies and skills.

Healthy growth

Natural growth is the basis for our company’s long-term success. The sensible and thoughtful use of resources and technologies, innovative processes and the cost awareness of all employees are regarded as valuable building blocks for our future. This is how we deliver “Made in Germany” quality.

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