Language Services:
Seit über 70 Jahren.
In der Welt zu Hause.
Language Services:
Seit über 70 Jahren.
In der Welt zu Hause.

Specialist areas.

Over 500 in-house translators at 30 locations worldwide and an international network with 16 strategic partners ensure our proximity to target markets.

Adaptation of texts to suit the specific language and country and localisation of software, UI/HMI, websites, apps and media (voice-over and on-screen text)

Extracting, managing and maintaining multilingual terminologies and glossaries. Subsequent translations are more consistent, faster and ultimately cheaper as a result.

The interaction between NMT, translation memories and term databases allows for the best translation result, as well as reducing costs and the workload.

We are an approved and certified company that has been translating the following official documents in Schweinfurt for over 70 years: official documents, certificates, diplomas, contracts, driving licences, attestations, medical certificates and much more. Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Foreign language layout in our own in-house graphics department. Corporate design guidelines, proofs, characters, formats and text length are taken into account.

Whether it’s simultaneously or consecutively: the right interpreter overcomes language barriers, can also be publicly appointed/sworn and with the appropriate equipment, if required.

Many years of experience enable targeted consulting and training in translation management, intercultural communication and market positioning.

Our centralised online platform for complete project management. The easiest way to submit requests or orders, track projects and securely upload and download project files.

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Our employees come from a wide range of professional backgrounds – from trained office clerks to translators and even graduate engineers.

:: Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

:: At 30 locations worldwide.

:: Best value for money.

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