Machine translation.
Neural machine translation

There are plenty of reports about the rapid development of machine translation (MT) combined with artificial neural networks (a branch of artificial intelligence). Neuronal technologies are poised to change, perhaps even revolutionise, the translation industry in the medium term. It is right and important to be interested in the development of MT and above all its possible applications because the translation volume, deadline pressure and complexity of the orders will continue to increase. MT enables faster processing, reduces costs and helps with automation.

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MT in daily translation management

  • We integrate MT into the familiar CAT environment. This allows for the perfect interaction between MT, translation memories and term databases. This not only supports the translator in doing their job but also reduces the costs and effort involved in post-editing.
  • Nevertheless, to create the best translation result, it is essential that the source text is prepared beforehand and that full post-editing, which corresponds to the principle of dual control, is carried out.

Necessary for a smooth MT process

  • The source text must be prepared for translation to achieve the best possible MT results.
  • Our MT standard is the use of MT in combination with full-post editing, resulting in a quality equivalent to a human translation.
  • MT combined with light-post editing is a possible solution if, for example, the translation is only required for internal purposes or for fast-moving documents with lower requirements when it comes to quality.

Which types of text are suitable for MT?

  • There isn’t one single answer to this question. Nevertheless, there are texts that are better and worse suited to MT.
  • Based on our experience to date, texts from the fields of
    e-commerce, social media, business software and hardware are well-suited for this process. Texts from the fields of human resources, internal communication, technical documentation and legal texts can also be translated using MT.

Data protection according to GDPR / Miscellaneous

The protection of your data is always our top priority. As a company based in Germany, we comply with the European Union’s strict data protection regulations in all our activities.

We currently offer 72 language combinations and many more in the post-editing stage.

We offer translations using MT and a specially-designed price model.

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