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The web presence’s reach is also expanding along with the growing importance of the Internet and the increasing interconnectivity of markets, companies and people. But IT systems and software solutions have to meet the new requirements of a globalised world not just in front of but also behind the scenes. It is not just texts on websites but also source files, IT documentation, operating instructions and software tools that have to be translated into many languages and adapted to the respective market for this purpose.

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Industry focus.

Telecommunication, software & IT and media are driving global progress.


While English was accepted as a “computer language” at the beginning of the computer age, a growing trend towards localised software products and teaching materials has emerged in recent years and decades. Meanwhile, even smaller software packages and tools are offered multilingually to stand out from competitors and achieve worldwide distribution. Our team of technical and IT-savvy technical translators supports you in localising your software so that all users can use the software purposefully and efficiently and you can set yourself apart from the competition thanks to a user-friendly software interface.


Translations in marketing represent a great challenge for translators. In addition to the formal linguistic quality, the focus is on appropriately addressing a specific target group and taking the specific culture into account. Our specialist translators who are native speakers therefore have a broad background in literature, journalism or marketing and often have many years of experience in writing and translating. They bring a native speaker’s feel for the language and intuition with them, which are the most important prerequisites for a professional translation appropriate to a specific target group.

We translate.

Numerous renowned customers rely on our experience, technical expertise and the necessary intuition for software and media translations.

The following documents and formats are frequently requested:

  • Software interfaces (human-machine interface, user interface)
  • Online help & operating systems
  • Manuals & documentation
  • Games
  • Marketing brochures & product information
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Training documents
  • Press releases
  • Promotional materials
  • Presentations
  • Catalogues
  • Questionnaires
  • Market research texts

Our customers

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