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Global content for global players and hidden champions. The changing markets worldwide, increasing price pressure and growing demand for engineering products, production facilities and many other industrial products call for flexible solutions and a modular language services system. We have been supporting SMEs and large corporations with presenting their products and services on the global stage for years.

They don’t want to win the Nobel Prize for literature: the technology and industry sector demands accuracy and professional competence, beauty is of secondary importance. Consistency in the language and the use of the technical glossary / terminology play an important part and the translator must have very good knowledge to translate the complex technical facts clearly and precisely into the target language.

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Mechanical Engineering & Plant Construction

Mechanical engineering and plant construction is one of the showcase industries in Europe. However, digitalisation is presenting companies with unprecedented challenges. Not only are new markets growing in China and other regions of Asia but the competitors are too. Disruptive changes affect supply chains, business and service models. It is becoming more difficult to acquire customers. Even in traditional industries, customers expect innovative products and a modern opportunity for interaction. As a result, the customised special solution is becoming the standard for products and services. EnssnerZeitgeist supports you in addressing customers in a targeted and skilful way, regardless of where they are in the world and which language they speak.

Areas we translate for:

  • Drive technology
  • Automation systems
  • Printing technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electric drives and controls
  • Precision engineering
  • Materials handling
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Linear systems
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Mobile and industrial hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Assembly technology and handling
  • Spindle technology
  • Control technology
  • Welding and screwing technology
  • Turbine and generator construction
  • Forming
  • Machine tools
  • Rolling bearing technology
  • Packaging technology

Traffic Engineering & Transportation Technology

The European automotive and transport industry as well as railway technology are a central pillar of global trade and important mainstays for the European economy. The worldwide network of production and sales locations generates large volumes of texts to be translated on a daily basis, such as technical documentation or marketing texts to launch new products. These texts are often highly specialised and require a detailed understanding not just of the technical details but also of the appropriate terminology. Our teams of highly qualified translators and project managers have years of experience with such texts and extensive professional training. This is key because individual terms often have to be translated with little or no context.

Areas we translate for:

  • Automotive engineering
  • Automotive electronics and mechatronics
  • Commercial vehicle technology
  • Logistics and forwarding
  • Railway engineering
  • Rail vehicle technology
  • Railway vehicles
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled services
  • Local and long-distance transport
  • Construction machinery technology
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Suppliers
  • Component manufacturers
  • System operators

We translate.

In addition to producing specialised translations, we support you in defining, managing and maintaining the terminology specific to your company and products.

The following documents and formats are frequently requested:

  • Technical documentation and manuals
  • Operating instructions, instruction manuals and instructions for use
  • Data sheets, catalogues and product descriptions
  • Reports, requirement and functional specifications
  • Technical reports and service descriptions
  • Training documents and information
  • Product brochures and information
  • Quality management documentation and workflow plans
  • Safety data sheets
  • Functional instructions and maintenance instructions
  • Test and diagnostic reports and diagnostic system
  • Spare parts catalogues and electronic databases
  • Electrical circuit diagrams, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams
  • Maintenance manuals, locomotive driver’s manuals
  • Website texts and blogs
  • Marketing materials and trade fair documentation
  • PR and press releases
  • Contracts and patents

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