New year, new online review tool –
we welcome ez:review!

As we are always striving to improve our processes and adapt our range of services to what you want, we have introduced a new review tool in 1 January 2020 that we would like to show you.

How does the online review work?

With the help of ez:review, our new online review tool, you have the possibility to check, correct and release the translated texts directly in the layout. The days of making corrections in PDF files are therefore gone. Our online review tool allows you to review the translation in terms of the source text and the layout/formatted version of the translated file.

What do we need for that? The translated file in PDF format as well as the bilingual translation file from a CAT tool – and off you go!

We will do the translation for you and, if necessary, create a small layout so you can check the file in the layout. Afterwards we import the files into the review tool and send you a short email to notify you that you can start the review.

Which formats can be edited?

It doesn’t matter whether you work in InDesign, MS Office Word or with xml formats – as long as a PDF file can be generated from the source format, the texts can be checked in the layout without any problems.

The user interface is simple and clear:

at the top you see the translation in the finished layout (PDF file), below the source text and the translation (bilingual xliff file). You make the corrections in the bilingual table, but the tool always shows you where exactly in the text you are in the PDF. Jumping back and forth between two monolingual PDF files is now a thing of the past.

Online review with terminology check

You can display the terminology/glossary database at the bottom right area. If a terminology database is available, the terms are underlined.

Another major advantage is that the reviewers can refer to existing terminology during the reading process and use it to edit the texts in accordance with the corporate language. As soon as you are finished with the review, simply click “End task” and the project manager responsible for you will receive an automatic notification by email. We transfer the changes you make directly into the translation memory (TM) and after the layout job is completed, you receive the final file containing all your corrections.

Have we sparked your interest? 
Just contact us, we will be happy to explain all the other steps to you.

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