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Finances and insurance

International markets are of great significance in the financial sector. Specialized translations are required in the credit services sector, in banking and the stock exchange, invoicing or even for money and productive investments. Financial texts serving as a basis for important decisions place high requirements on the translation. The yardstick for specialist translators in the area of finance is correspondingly high – not only exact terminology, but also the desired style has to be professionally implemented.

Marketing, advertising and PR

Translations in marketing represent a major challenge for translators. In addition to the formal linguistic quality, the focus is on the cultural circumstances and addressing the target group in an appropriate manner. Specialist translators thus have a wide background in the area of literature, journalism or marketing and often have many years of experience in writing and translation. A feeling for language and empathy are the most important skills for a professional translator to be able to make the translation suitable for the target group.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

The medical sector calls for precise specialist knowledge, a high level of language expertise and a sound basic understanding of medicine. New discoveries relating to illnesses, drugs or treatments are increasing at a breathtaking speed. A translator specialized in medicine therefore has to have his finger on the pulse and find out about any changes through specialist media or regular contact with medical practitioners and scientists. Specialist knowledge is changing and expanding at a rapid pace: In hardly any other sector, investments in research and development are as high as in the medical sector.


Specialized legal texts are often highly complex and abstract. Often, the source text represents a major challenge – primarily for non-legal experts. It is not for nothing that legal texts are checked very extensively by other legal experts. The requirements placed on translators of legal texts are high: A specialist understanding of legal matters, a very good ability to grasp new concepts quickly and a high degree of precision when translating are necessary to be able to correctly assess contracts and documents and to be able to counter legal risks, if necessary. Misunderstandings have to be avoided under all circumstances. In order to ensure that, additional proofreading is indispensable.

Software, Internet and telecommunications

While English was accepted as the "computer language" at the start of the IT age, over the last few years and decades there has been major trend towards localized software products and learning materials. Now, even smaller software packages and tools are offered in several languages to set companies apart from their competitors so they can achieve global distribution. Also, many Internet platforms and online shops want to reach an international audience. In addition to sound knowledge of technology and programming languages, it is primarily the translator's qualified discretion that is required when it comes to a term being translated or whether it is better kept in its original form, because it is an accepted specialist term.

Technology and industry

Your goal is not to win the Nobel Prize for Literature here: The technology and industrial sector calls for accuracy and specialist expertise; aesthetics is of secondary importance. Terminology and consistency play a major role, and the translator has to have sound knowledge in his specialist area to clearly and precisely convey the complex technical circumstances in the target languages.


Business and trade

International trade relations do not manage only large corporations any longer, but also lots of medium-sized companies. Global sales, but also purchasing, play a major role. Professional translation, primarily in acquisitions or key contracts, ensures the avoidance of misunderstandings and forms a basis of trust for both trading partners. Ultimately, you also save time, and time – as we all know – is money.


Brochures, websites, e-mails / newsletters, product texts, press releases, advertising materials, applications, presentations, catalogs, questionnaires, market research texts etc.

Automotive, transport and railway

Automotive technology, vehicle electronics and mechatronics, commercial vehicle technology, logistics and haulage, rail technology, rail vehicle technology, regular and occasional services in local and long-distance transport, construction machinery technology, agricultural technology, suppliers, component manufacturers, system operators

Technical documentation, product information, manuals, website texts, contracts, training information, catalogs, diagnostic and maintenance instructions, electronic databases, marketing materials, trade fair documents, patents, PR and press releases, maintenance manuals, train drivers' manuals

Banks, finance and insurances

Balance sheets, annual and quarterly reports, stock exchange reports, due diligence reports, annual financial statements, investor information, contracts

Construction companies, trade fair and exhibition construction, steel / light metal construction

Tenders, specifications, planning documents, drawings and construction plans, parts lists, presentations

Renewable energies

Solar power plants and photovoltaics, bioenergy plants, wind energy plants and onshore and offshore components, energy suppliers and operators, environmental technology

System documentation, process documentation, business management, operating instructions, maintenance documentation, service documentation

Courts, lawyers and authorities

Legal typesetting, contracts, court decisions, judgments, GTCs, certificates, official documents, patents, correspondence, bills of indictment, excerpts from the Commercial Registry, of course also with certification

IT, software and telecommunications

Interfaces, online help and operating systems, manuals and documentation, marketing brochures and product information, websites and mobile apps, contract texts, training documents, games

Online shops

Product descriptions, ingredients, business correspondence, commercial documents

Consumer goods industry

Household appliance technology, buildings technology, energy and environmental technology, biotechnology, furniture manufacturers

Packaging texts, ingredients, product descriptions, service contracts, instructions for use, training documents, quality management, logs, operating instructions, service manuals, spare parts catalogs, specialist publications, helpdesks

Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and special-purpose mechanical engineering

Drive technology, automation systems, pressure technology, electronic engineering, electrical drives and controls, fine mechanics, conveying technology, semi-conductor technology, handling, linear systems, measurement and control technology, mobile and industrial hydraulics and pneumatics, assembly technology, spindle technology, control technology, welding and screwing technology, turbine and generator construction, forming technology, toolmaking machines, roller bearing technology, packaging technology

Technical manuals, operating instructions, data sheets, project specifications, instructions for use, specialist reports, training documents, product brochures and information, performance descriptions, quality management, safety notices, maintenance manuals, functional instructions, testing and diagnostic instructions, diagnostic systems, spare parts catalogs, electrical circuit diagrams, hydraulic and pneumatic plans

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Medical and laboratory technology, dialysis technology, human medicine, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, dental technology, healthcare in general, fitness, cosmetics, healthcare

Technical manuals, project specifications, instructions for use, clinical studies and research reports, training documents, product brochures, service descriptions, quality management and expert opinions, specialist articles, scientific articles, abstracts

Other service providers

Documentation service providers, engineering offices, consultancy companies, HR

Publishing houses

Publications, specialist texts, press releases, newsletters, price lists

Tourism and the hotel industry

Websites, catalogs, hotel information, marketing brochures, press releases, flyers, service provider contracts