2019 CSA report.

CSA ranked 30th in Western Europe

Since May we belong to the leading language service providers in Western Europe. In previous years, we ranked No. 35 and No. 33, respectively (CSA Research, May 2019). We are proud of this placement and at the same time we are grateful for the trust of our customers in our services. Place 30 is both a responsibility and an incentive to keep track even at 30 ° C and more. So the best conditions for the smooth handling of your projects in this hot summer.

Over the past eleven years, the translation industry has grown at an average annual rate of 7.76%, partly because people worldwide prefer to receive information in their own language. “Fulfilling this expectation – and also the legal requirements – is the drive that is continuing to grow as a result of the global digital transformation,” says Dr. med. Donald A. DePalma, Chief Research Officer of CSA Research.

We are managed medium-sized and are with the t’works group an internationally established language service provider with approximately 150 permanently employed in-house translators at 10 own language hubs in Berlin, Leipzig, Landshut / Geisenhausen, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Mulhouse, Lyon, Utrecht, Verona and Toronto and 16 strategic translation partners at another 18 locations worldwide. Currently we translate in more than 50 languages: technical documentation, specialist texts, contracts and marketing documents for SMEs, industry, commerce, services and authorities.

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